STD Testing Specialist

Allyson Gonzalez, MD

Gynecologist located in Santa Monica, CA

People often think they know if they have a sexually transmitted disease (STD), but sometimes there are no symptoms. At her practice in Santa Monica, California, Allyson A. Gonzalez, MD, is an experienced obstetrician and gynecologist who provides comprehensive, in-office STD testing for women concerned about their sexual health. Dr. Gonzalez offers thorough testing, including cultures and bloodwork, all done in the comfort and privacy of her office. Call today to schedule an appointment or use the convenient online booking tool to request an available time.

STD Testing Q & A

What are STDs?

Sexually transmitted diseases are infections you may get during oral, vaginal, or anal sex. STDs are more common than you might realize, and many of them don’t have symptoms. The only way you can know for sure if you have an STD is through complete testing and a professional diagnosis.

Dr. Gonzalez offers thorough testing in her office so if you do have an STD, she can prescribe an effective treatment to relieve symptoms and eradicate the disease whenever possible.

What are the most common types of STDs?

Some of the most common sexually transmitted diseases and infections include:

  • Chlamydia
  • Herpes
  • Gonorrhea
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Pubic lice
  • Trichomoniasis
  • HIV

Many STDs are not serious and can be treated with medications. It’s important to identify and treat STDs as early as possible to avoid more complicated health issues.

What type of STD testing is available?

Lab tests may include urine samples, blood tests, and cultures from genital sores or dischargeto confirm the presence of an STD. Dr. Gonzalez performs testing in her office so you don’t have to wait for your test to be sent to a lab. She also conducts regular screenings for STDs based on your overall health, your age, and if you’re sexually active.